Contractor of the Year recognises the abilities of fencing contractors who work on challenging and complex installations. Open to AFI members only, this category has entry levels aimed at all member turnovers:


For contractors with turnover up to £750,000


For contractors with turnover from £750,000 – £1.5m


For contractors with turnover from £1.5m – £3m


For contractors with turnover of £3m+

Projects completed by April 2022

Entry requirements

Demonstrate your abilities in three separate high quality, complex design installations completed by April 2022 with photographs, locations, client references and background design considerations.

Your entry

Your entry presentation should include high quality images or video of the installation and completed project. Let us know the location details, the original brief and scope of work and any background design considerations.

Client references

We need to know the end users were given the installation that they wanted and the design met the brief. Make sure you supply client references – they can include the final outcome as well as the installation process.

Working with the AFI

Show your commitment to the industry and it’s trade body with evidence of your engagement with the AFI and the links you have back to the AFI website. To support fencing standards we expect to see you promoting best practice and supporting training, including apprenticeships


Account for all environmental considerations including the environmental protection measures, how the finished project improved the environment for the local area and all pollution mitigation, packaging and recycling, waste disposal, renewable resources and product lifespan.