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Project of the Year is a category for a complex, innovative and challenging project. Open to all industry professionals, we’re looking for projects that utilised your design skills and have a long standing benefit.

For projects completed by April 2022

What you need

Demonstrate your high quality, complex design and installation with photographs, locations, client references and background design considerations.

Your entry

Submit a minimum of five images across the different sections of your project. Give as much detail as you can on the location details, the original brief and scope of work and any background design considerations.

Client references

We need to know the end user was given the installation that they wanted and the design met the brief. Make sure you supply client references – they can include the final outcome as well as the installation process.

On site visit

An AFI representative can visit your site allowing you to talk them through the challenges and see the skill involved in your work.


Demonstrate how your project has a longstanding beneficial effect for the environment and local community.