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Apprentice of the Year is a prestigious accomplishment and signifies excellence in performance, dedication, and skill development during the apprenticeship period. It can boost the recipient’s career prospects, enhance their credibility within their industry, and serve as a testament to their hard work and commitment to their craft.

For apprenticeships completed by 30th June 2024

What you need

Demonstrate your skills, performance, dedication, communication and collaboration, as well as your contribution to your workplace

Your entry

Submit a minimum of five images showing different projects you’ve been involved with.  Give as much detail as you can on the role you played, the initiatives you used, and how the project has progressed your development and learning.

Company references

We need to know from your company and colleagues how you have developed and the skills you have learned during your apprenticeship period.

On site visit

An AFI representative may visit your site allowing you to talk them through any challenges you may have faced,  and demonstrate the skills you have developed during your apprenticeship journey.

Apprenticeship Journey

Explain why your apprenticeship experience, and the results you have achieved should be considered for this prestigious award.

Apprentice of the Year Award

Open to all Apprentices. Entries will be judged on:

  • full understanding of the apprentices personal journey
  • backing of the apprentices company and colleagues
  • the full details of what the apprentice has personally got out of their journey in fencing
  • what the apprentice hopes to achieve in fencing
  • how the experience of being an apprentice could be improved

Shortlisted entries may have a site visit by an AFI representative to review the information supplied for the application if the UK Fencing Awards judging panel committee requires further information.

Entry details should include:

  • your name, age and a photo
  • the date you started and finished your apprenticeship
  • the name of the person nominating you, and their details
  • the reasons for your nomination
  • why you chose fencing as a career
  • the areas of fencing/ training you have enjoyed the most
  • the areas you have excelled in
  • where you see yourself in 5 years time
  • the areas of the apprenticeship which could be improved to encourage more people to follow in your footsteps

In the event of a tie the AFI Chairman will make the final decision in consultation with the judging panel.

If you’d prefer to complete a pdf version of the Apprentice of the Year entry form, please download this here, and return to info@theafi.co.uk

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