FISS/CSCS Background

FISS/CSCS provides:

  • a framework for skills development and progression through a structured card scheme
  • access to FISS/CSCS cards that incorporates national fencing qualifications and health and safety training and assessment
  • assurance to employers that labourers, installers, supervisors and managers have achieved a recognised qualification

The scheme is underpinned by Sector Schemes 2A, 2B, 2C and 5B (Note: 2B & 5B merged and became 10B).

The scheme aims to:

  • keep a record of workers in the fencing industry who have achieved a recognised level of competence
  • raise health and safety standards thus reduce risks and accidents throughout the industry
  • encourage fencing, construction, and all other related industries and their customers to use skilled workers
  • provide certification for UK workers that could be accepted throughout Europe through agreements with other European national schemes to mutually recognise qualifications
  • promote and include as appropriate National Highways Sector Schemes
  • ensure that workers have access to a recognised card scheme to be able to access employment
  • review and continually improve the skills and competencies of personnel employed in the fencing industry

The scheme provides the following benefits to individuals:

  • recognition of skills, competence and qualifications
  • improved health and safety awareness
  • improved employment prospects

A range of cards are available in relation to occupational categories. Scheme membership is confirmed through the issue of a competence card. Additionally, the scheme provides assurance to employers that labourers, installers, supervisors and managers are health and safety trained and qualified.

Who manages/oversees the scheme?

The scheme is managed by Lantra and complies with the governments new Construction Leadership Council strategy 2025 to provide a common, recognisable logo (CSCS) on all skills registration cards. A committee regulates the administration of the scheme. The committee comprises stakeholders from the industry and currently includes representation from the following:

  • Lantra
  • Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)
  • Association of Fencing Industries (AFI)
  • Highways England

Administration of the scheme

Lantra administers the FISS/CSCS scheme on behalf of the fencing industry.

Applicants send evidence of achievement to Lantra who check that the application is complete.  Once validated Lantra will process the application so that a Smartcard can be produced and sent to the applicant.

The charge for each application is £30 inc. VAT (current fee at the time of writing) and this fee is for the actual application. Fees will be banked at the start of the application process.  Applicants will be contacted if the application is incomplete and requested to provide all supporting evidence within 90 days. Any supporting evidence submitted after 90 days will be subject to an additional application fee of £30 inc. VAT (current fee at the time of writing).

What is CSCS role in FISS/CSCS?

CSCS is represented on the FISS/CSCS management committee to ensure consistency for the fencing industry.

CSCS ensure that fencing enquiries are directed to Lantra.

CSCS administers the CITB Health Safety and Environment “Touch Screen” Test.