Industry Accreditation

Whilst Industry Accreditation (IA) is no longer available to new applicants there are card holders who obtained their cards using this route (Grandfather Rights). This FAQ page provides information for those who are current holders of FISS/CSCS cards obtained under IA.

Card holders without an NVQ were able to obtain their initial card by only doing the H&S Training and the CITB Touch Screen Test appropriate to their level of card. Note: IA was only ever initially available for the Blue, Gold and Black Cards.

It was in recognition of the experience that workers may have had. It was only open for a very limited period of time, two years at the start of the Scheme. After the two years IA was closed and to get the card you would also need to achieve a qualification for your occupation. Note: IA was available for all occupations across the Construction and Landbased Sectors.

The Construction Leadership Council has specified that all cards bearing the CSCS logo should be based on the achievement of a recognized industry qualification – more information can be found here

Whilst IA may acknowledge extremely experienced people it doesn’t define those who are competent and those that are not competent.

IA is due to close at the end of 2020. After 2020 you will be allowed to renew your card one more time up until 30th June 2024.

All cards will have the same expiry date of 31st December 2024.

Don’t let your card lapse! Check your expiry date and renew* in the six months prior to the expiry date.

* Renew by doing the H&S Training and the CITB Touch Screen Test appropriate to your level of card.

If you don’t renew within the renewal period and let your card lapse you will be unable to renew it and will be expected to apply for a card using the appropriate qualification in addition to H&S Training and CITB Touch Screen Test.

Completion of an appropriate qualification dependent on your level of card.

Note: It will be for ALL occupations within Construction and Landbased sectors whether a Fencer, Bricklayer, Carpenter etc.

If you are having trouble renewing prior to the expiry date there are other options. Contact the AFI and we can assist you so that your card doesn’t lapse.