New appointment at APS

New appointment at APS

Advanced Perimeter Systems (APS), AFI member and manufacturer of a range of fencing security products, has made a few changes to the team structure and how they do business as recovery from the pandemic continues. A new addition to the team is Zack, an energetic and enthusiastic new sales executive. Although this is his first security industry role he is full of energy and ideas of how to modernise and energise the business.

Here’s what Zack has to say about his new role:

“My name is Zack Davidson, I am a recent Business graduate, very excited to be part of the Advanced Perimeter Systems team as the Sales Executive and be involved in the Security Industry.

One of my roles I am thrilled to undertake is marketing which compliments my main responsibility in sales. One of my most recent achievements is the refresh and update of the APS website which part of was to focus on product information and making it more accessible for customers. As well as making it easier to contact us and to help promote our products and company.

Part of the refresh was to update the boring our story page to include an exciting new timeline of our story. We also added a whole new partners page where we continue to update links to our global network of installers, integrators and distributors. As well as a new partners page we added a new product page making it easier to find information about the different product ranges we offer.

The part of the project I was most excited about was to create a new video where I take a starring role explaining the need for robust layers of perimeter security giving you the defence in depth you need. I have also experienced my first trade shows where we have been exhibiting and look forward to the next ones in Belfast and Ireland.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, email at or telephone +44 (0) 1786 479862 to discuss how we can help give you the defence in depth you need.“

A great addition to the team, everyone at APS are sure he will achieve great success in his career. Look out for further updates in weeks and months to come as APS continue to promote and expand their product ranges.

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