A new standard in electric fencing

A new standard in electric fencing

The AFI is pleased to announce the approval for the creation of a new standard under the B201 committee.

This will be the introduction of BS 1722-19: Specification, design, installation, and maintenance of electric fences in the countryside.

The AFI, working with members, have already set up a committee to help with the creation of the standard and would be willing to hear from other companies, contractors or associations that would like to help make this a fully working standard for both permanent and temporary electric fencing in countryside use.

Pete Clark CEO of the AFI said “This is another progression for the AFI to keep pushing and updating the British Standards to run in line with latest practices, materials and modern construction practices so highlighting the great works that are done by the professional network of installers within the UK. It will also form the basis for minimum specification so enabling grant aide and non grant added installations to be delivered to a measurable specification. With a substantial number of UK based manufacturers and distributors supplying the market needs I’m sure that we will deliver a robust document for the industry.”

Also under review are the following standards subsections to look at environmental impact and also the use of materials:

  • BS1722-11 Specification for prefabricated wood panel fences including posts
  • BS1722-5 Specification for close-boarded fences and wooden palisade fences
  • BS1722-7 Specification for wooden post and rail fences
  • BS 8417 Preservation of wood. Code of practice

If you have products and services that are covered in the standards and would like to be involved or have some input that you would like to make the committee aware of please contact us here