Acoustic fencing provides noise mitigation for train maintenance depot near Paris

Acoustic Fencing

Acoustic fencing provides noise mitigation for train maintenance depot near Paris


Founded in 1938, the SNCF is France’s national state-owned railway company, operating around 14,000 trains daily across 20,000 miles, including the high-speed network.

The functions of SNCF include the operation of rail services for passengers and freight, as well as maintenance and signalling of rail infrastructure. In 2016, a new tram maintenance workshop was opened in Noisy-le-Sec, a commune 5 miles from Paris. The Technicentre of Paris-Est is equipped with maintenance tracks that allow access from underneath the trains for the 270 workers responsible for the maintenance and storage of the ‘new-generation’ tram trains.

The trains are maintained throughout the night 6 days a week, with a daily maintenance programme that ensures the maximum number of trains are in circulation, offering reliability and regularity to passengers.

The workshop was designed with a strong requirement for sustainable development as part of a High Environmental Quality (HQE) approach, which included the installation of solar panels on the roof, and rainwater recycling systems.


Due to the close proximity to residential areas and various commercial properties including a performing arts theatre, it was essential to provide noise mitigation to minimise disruption and noise pollution for the surrounding areas, particularly during night times.

We supplied a total of 280 metres of Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway Reflective acoustic fencing in two sections of 2.5m and 4.5m heights. The timber acoustic fence features 34mm thick ‘V’ boards and is designed to eliminate gaps that sound can pass though, resulting in a noise reduction of up to 28dB*.

The acoustic fencing system was installed with steel I-beams, which are essential for providing strength and durability in areas where ground vibrations are typically higher. The natural timber facade improves the appearance of the area around the railway tracks and transport hub, concealing the unsightly industrial infrastructure. Furthermore, Jakoustic® acoustic fencing satisfies the sustainable requirements of the development; providing a long term solution with a 25 year guarantee against rot and insect attack.

The solid profile of the fencing creates an anti climb barrier, providing security by preventing unauthorised personnel from gaining access, and ensuring trains run on an uninterrupted schedule. On the track side, wall cladding with welded wire mesh was installed to grow climbing plants and simultaneously stop vandalism and graffiti.