AFI Labour & Skills Shortage Questionnaire 2023

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AFI Labour & Skills Shortage Questionnaire 2023

Important Questionnaire on Labour Requirements within fencing!

Please complete now, closing date April 30th 2023. If you need staff have your say! 

The AFI and Build UK are been working with the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and Government on the review and labour shortage within the construction industry. More importantly for the first time we have pushed for this to include Fencing’s Skills and labour needs. 

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) received a commission to review the Shortage Occupation List (SOL) in August 2022 to look at the labour requirements and short fall. No other organisation has data on the requirements for the fencing industry, we need all members to fill this out so we can drive the needs of the industry forward. 

 Pete Clark CEO of the AFI said: 

“This is the opportunity for the fencing industry to be recognised as a standalone sector within construction like bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and decorators to name a few already on the list of professions.  

If the fencing industry wants to be recognised for the skills and training that is needed in the various sectors we have to show that there is a need for those roles in the industry. 

Members have long been asking for labour solutions and this is just one area, which if you are experiencing a labour shortage, whether a member or not, please reply for the recognition of the industry and greater proof of its labour needs.” 

Find the survey here

The AFI will be looking at making this an annual survey and forming part of the membership in the future. If a supplier member it is still as important to show your needs as we understand the lack of labour has an impact on the supply chain and this needs to be recognised alongside the contracting sector. 

We also urge the non-contracting sectors to forward it to your customers and contractors dedicated to the fencing industry.    

This like timber in ground contact, UKCA lobbying, apprenticeship review and other total industry issues show the works that the AFI does represent all in the Fencing Industry and without its continued membership would not be possible.  

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