AFI News 13/05

AFI News 13/05

Tackling Modern Slavery

Construction has been identified by the Home Office as a high‐risk sector for modern slavery due to its complex supply chains, multiple levels of sub‐contracting and high turnover of labour on projects. Large companies with an annual turnover of more than £36 million are legally required to publish an annual modern slavery statement setting out the steps taken to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in any part of their business or supply chain.

The Stronger Together construction programme, led by Build UK member CIOB, is designed to help all employers in the industry ensure workers are recruited responsibly and work free from exploitation. It offers a wide range of free resources, which members can access after registering, including a toolkit to help identify and prevent modern slavery. Supported by the Government, the charity Unseen operates a confidential helpline to report any concerns about exploitation, which can be reached via 08000 121 700.

Payment Performance

Build UK has updated its payment performance table with the latest results published under the Reporting on Payment Practices and Performance Regulations. Our ‘tier one’ Contractor members pay invoices in an average of 29 days, down from 45 days when the table was launched in 2018, with 95% paid within 60 days.

Drugs & Alcohol Policy

Build UK’s template Drugs & Alcohol Policy, produced with the support of Eurofins Workplace Drug Testing, provides a consistent framework for drug and alcohol testing across the industry. Members can adopt the policy, which is endorsed by the CLC, in its entirety or incorporate elements of it into their own policy.

Mental Health Awareness Week ‐ Get Involved

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from next Monday 13 ‐ Sunday 19 May and the theme this year is movement and helping people to find moments for movement in their daily routines. Whilst many workers in construction have physically active roles, others will spend long periods each day sitting down, and the Mental Health Foundation has published tips on how to make time for regular movement, which can protect mental health, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve sleep.