AFI News 15/04

AFI News 15/04

Common Assessment Standard Latest

The Cabinet Office has published Procurement Policy Note 03/24 which removes reference to PAS 91 meaning the Common Assessment Standard should now be used across the public sector. Following the withdrawal of PAS 91 by BSI last year, central Government departments and wider public sector bodies can only use the Common Assessment Standard for pre‐qualifying suppliers for construction works contracts. The changes to the PPN must be implemented by contracting authorities within three months, and it is another significant step forward for the Common Assessment Standard, which will help to reduce duplication for the supply chain whilst streamlining public sector procurement.

In recognition of how it is transforming pre‐qualification, the Common Assessment Standard has been shortlisted for the CN Awards 2024 in the Supply Chain Collaboration Excellence category! The Common Assessment Standard has reached a tipping point over the last 12 months, with a growing list of contractors and clients specifying it and more than 18,500 companies certified against it by five Recognised Assessment Bodies. It is also being updated to ensure it can be used to demonstrate companies have the organisational capability to fulfil their roles under the Building Safety Act.


Government Payment Requirements

Companies bidding for Government contracts over £5 million per annum must now demonstrate that they pay invoices within an average of 55 days, otherwise they will be excluded from bidding. In accordance with PPN 10/23 which came into effect from 1 April, the new requirement is in addition to the one to pay at least 95% of invoices within 60 days (90% where an action plan is provided). The guidance to the PPN confirms that companies must meet both requirements in at least one of their two previous six month reporting periods under the Reporting on Payment Practices and Performance Regulations, although any companies that have failed to do so may submit data that has not yet been reported for the previous three or more months.

Build UK’s payment performance table, which will be updated again at the end of this month, shows the results for more than 125 of the industry’s largest companies, and all Build UK tier one Contractor members pay invoices within an average of 55 days.