AFI News Week commencing 19/02/24

AFI News Week commencing 19/02/24


End of Industry Accreditation

From 30 June 2024, cards carrying the CSCS logo obtained via Industry Accreditation will no longer be renewed and all such cards will expire on 31 December 2024. This is in line with the CLC requirement that all cards should be achieved by qualification, supporting workers in demonstrating that they are competent to undertake their role. Over the last 12 months, the number of individuals holding an Industry Accreditation card has reduced by half, but there are still 29,000 who need to replace their card by the end of this year.

CSCS has issued guidance on the different ways that individuals holding Blue, Gold or Black Industry Accreditation cards issued by the core scheme can replace their card, which will depend on their occupation and any qualifications they hold. Members should be identifying the appropriate route for each of their workers and putting in place a plan for those who need to complete a qualification, with increased grant rates currently available from CITB for certain S/NVQs. CSCS does not issue cards for non‐construction related occupations and anyone who no longer attends site regularly may not require a card.

Public Sector Payment Requirements

From 1 April 2024, companies bidding for Government contracts over £5 million per annum will have to demonstrate that they pay invoices within an average of 55 days and at least 95% within 60 days (90% if an action plan is provided) as set out in PPN 10/23. The guidance to the PPN confirms that companies must meet both these metrics in at least one of their two previous six month reporting periods under the Reporting on Payment Practices and Performance Regulations, although any companies that have failed to do so may submit data that has not yet been reported for the previous three or more months. Build UK’s payment performance table shows the results for more than 125 of the industry’s largest companies, and all Build UK tier one Contractor members meet the new requirement to pay invoices within an average of 55 days.

The Cabinet Office has confirmed that under the Procurement Act the way that the public sector reports payment performance will be aligned with the private sector to improve transparency. We currently publish the data on the Build UK website and it will be updated as contracting authorities across the whole public sector are required to publish reports every six months via a central Government portal. The specific metrics, which will be aligned to the private sector as called for by Build UK, will be set out in secondary legislation in the coming months.