Ajs Training now offering the fencing apprenticeship!

Ajs Training now offering the fencing apprenticeship!

Finally, we are good to go!

After a lot of work, AFI member AJS Training Ltd are finally approved onto the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers as a MAIN Provider for the Fencing apprenticeship and also for Highways Maintenance Operatives apprenticeship. It has been a long journey for the Fencing Apprenticeships trying to support colleges to also get involved over the last 6+ years but with the way the industry works and the distance fencers need to travel to their workplace, the colleges could not offer a package that could work.

Why apprenticeships for your staff?

Whilst most people consider apprenticeships for new starters only, they are also designed to be used to upskill your current workforce. AJS Training recognises that most fencing teams work in pairs both sharing a vehicle and normally living in close proximately to each other.

Typically, it is when the “labourers” are looking at moving out on their own they then complete the Fencing Diploma to achieve a BLUE Skilled Fence Installer FISS/CSCS card – AJS Training recognise this from our deep involvement within the fencing industry. Companies can now consider using the apprenticeship to upskill their current “labourers” with the skills they need so when the time comes for them to set up their own team or to start working more independently everything is already in place. The “labourers” would have also felt some sort of recognition for them to be seen as worthwhile employees to be trained up to that recognised skill level!

Please also consider there is a possibility to upskill those who hold Industry Accreditation as technically they are also classed as un-skilled personnel as they have not achieved the correct Fencing Diploma.

New starters?

Yes! This apprenticeship is probably going to be the normal method of employing new starters in the future, the reasons are as follows:

The new starter can be given a contract that is only the length of the apprenticeship being 18 months, this means the employer is not contractually obliged to keep that person employed past the end date. Whilst the apprenticeship is on-going the apprentice will complete many training courses which the employer would normally have to pay for, this takes away most of the financial burden of the training costs from the company. If the apprentice is not working out very well for the company they can be released from the contract – it is AJS Training’s duty apprenticeship provider to try to find them another company to re employ them to complete the apprenticeship, there is no financial charge to the employer!

AJS Training have recognised the two fencing pathways to gain the appropriate FISS/CSCS card and have set out each pathway with its own training requirements. AJS Training are also a National Highways Sector Scheme Approved company for Vehicle Restraint Training, so we are able to support the VRS industry as well.

If you wish to discuss the apprenticeships with AJS Training to fully understand how they work and the training we will be completing for your pathway please contact apprenticeships@ajstraining.co.uk

I know a lot of questions will need to be asked and as this is a new part of our business, we will be restricting the numbers we support to ensure we are running the program to the highest level we can attain.

Look forward to supporting you all.

Andy Williams – Managing Director of AJS Training Limited