APS for proven electric fencing system

APS for proven electric fencing system

Need to secure your fencing?

Are you a fencing installer looking for an additional income stream?

Electric fencing is legal to install in the UK on commercial premises including schools, factories and warehouses, and is without question the most effective deterrent available, cutting down incidents of crime on your customer’s sites by better than 98%.

Advanced Perimeter Systems have been designing, manufacturing and supplying Electro-fence™  electrified fence system, and perimeter security products for fencing, all over the World since 1982. Our track record is second to none and we have Electro-fence™ systems which have been running continuously for decades.

We’re UK based, we designed and manufactured our products, so we know them inside out. As a fencing installer and APS distributor, we’ll invite you to our UK premises for product safety and installation training, give you competitive trade rates on our products and offer first class installation support.

APS is moving forward!

Our Electro-fence™ system has been the best in class electric fencing system for decades, and combined with our Multisys® Windows security system software can provide a fully digitized and integrated security solution to your customer’s site. Multisys® can also integrate third party sensors including CCTV!

Ask about our Flexiguard™ PIDS system also!  Flexiguard™ is an easy to install, robust and time proven perimeter detection system designed to alarm when intruders attack your customer’s fencing. This system has been made famous as the perimeter defense system protecting the Pyramids of Giza!