Bespoke Bow Top fencing provides demarcation for church in East Iceland


Bespoke Bow Top fencing provides demarcation for church in East Iceland


Eidar is a populated area in East Iceland with a population of 48 inhabitants. Situated 14km north of the largest settlement of the Eastern Region Egilsstadir, it is a presbytery with important cultural and education background. In 1883, one of the very first agricultural schools in Iceland was founded there, which was later converted into a general educational centre for the East region.

Next to the old school; the Eidakirkja is a Lutheran church, providing a hub for religion as well as a cemetery. Previously, the church and cemetery were surrounded by a timber palisade fence. While timber palisade fencing provides pleasing aesthetics, there are other demarcation fences that provide superior strength and longevity. The timber fence had deteriorated and was in need of replacement.

With temperatures in Iceland staying below 0°C for 2-3 months out of the year, and winter storms with snow accumulation occurring frequently, external constructions need to be suited to the challenging climate.


We supplied 180 metres of 1.2m high bespoke Bow Top fencing with extended base plate posts to allow it to be stepped around the perimeter. The panels also had additional pales to provide extra strength. We also supplied a pair of 3.1m wide manual Bow Top gates matching the height of the fence, to provide a safe and welcoming entrance to the church grounds. While quality pressure treated timber product will offer an appropriate demarcation fence security for many years, due to the natural structure of the material it can be more susceptible to extreme weather conditions when compared to steel.

Our steel fencing is galvanised to BS EN ISO1461 as standard, and can have additional polyester power coatings to add an extra layer as well as colour. The fencing and gates supplied were coated in white RAL 9010 polyester powder coating. Bow Top fencing has a pale-through-rail construction with no visible joins, providing a strong and vandal-proof perimeter. The posts have a smooth domed top to complement the curved ‘hoop top’ design and provide a pleasing aesthetic around the boundary of the church.

The fencing and gates come with an extensive 25 year service life guarantee, so they will provide a strong, attractive perimeter for the inhabitants and visitors for years to come.

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