Black Manager Card Alternatives

Black FISS CSCS Card

Black Manager Card Alternatives

Do you act as an installation manager but don’t hold a FISS/CSCS black card?

The AFI is working to develop alternative methods for those looking to gain a black managers card who have relevant experience but do not want to complete the NVQ. The Academically Qualified Person (AQP) and Professional Qualified Person (PQP) are equivalent to the FISS/CSCS Black Managers Card

The card applications would accept academic qualifications or professional body membership, as well as your fencing experience.

How do I qualify?

The AQP/PQP are achieved as follows:

  • AQP – An appropriate academic qualification e.g. degree, HND, HNC, CIOB Certificates and NEBOSH diplomas
  • PQP – Full member of a Professional Body e.g. CIOB

In addition to this you will need to complete the Managers and Professional (MAP) Touch Screen Test and the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) (both test certificates must be less than 2 years old) or equivalent health and safety training as detailed in the BuildUK Training Standard.

Why are the cards different?

The NVQ is a practical and skills-based qualification and an academic qualification (AQP) is a knowledge-based qualification. PQP is meeting the requirements of the body you wish to be a member of. Hence the choice of routes to a card.

Why we need your help

The AFI is starting to build a list of qualifications and professional bodies, which combined with your fencing experience will mean you have the option of getting an AQP or PQP as an alternative to completing the NVQ to achieve the Black Managers Card. We can then use these to start building a list of accepted qualifications/bodies for the cards and submit alternate qualifications for consideration.

Please consult your staff to establish the appropriate qualifications held and submit this to