Build UK – Materials Update

Build UK – Materials Update

The CLC Product Availability Group has issued its latest statement, confirming that ‘price inflation, largely caused by a shortage of raw materials, rising energy, freight, and labour costs, is of greater concern than availability’, with energy‐intensive products increasing by as much as 20%. The war in Ukraine is also likely to have an impact, particularly on the supply of raw materials used in the manufacture of steel.

Using the Common Assessment Standard

The data sharing solution for the Common Assessment Standard enables Contractors and Clients to access verified PQ data for their supply chains via their preferred Recognised Assessment Body, meaning they do not have to set up an arrangement with every Recognised Assessment Body. Build UK has produced an overview of data sharing which outlines what data is shared and the process for sharing data with different Recognised Assessment Bodies.

Build UK is hosting a meeting for Contractor and Client members interested in specifying the Common Assessment Standard on Thursday 21 April, and please email Build UK if you would like to attend and find out more about how data sharing works.

Details of all Build UK meetings and events, including our regular Forums and roundtables responding to specific issues, can be found in our schedule of meetings and events.