FISS/CSCS Industry Accreditation Cards – Closing

Association of Fencing Industries

FISS/CSCS Industry Accreditation Cards – Closing

NOTE: This applies to all CSCS Cards whether CSCS only, FISS/CSCS or any other Partnership Schemes. 

The Industry Accreditation (IA) route (formally known as ‘Grandfather Rights’) was closed to new applicants in 2010. However, existing card holders who obtained their card prior to 2010 under IA can continue to renew those cards on the same basis.

In order to comply with the requirements of the Construction Leadership Council, all cards issued by FISS/CSCS must demonstrate the achievement of a fencing qualification.

What does this mean?

  • All IA cards renewed from 1st January 2020 will expire on 1st December 2024 and will not be renewed.
  • FISS/CSCS will cease renewing IA cards from 30th June 2024.

What do you need to do?

What you need to do now depends on your occupation and any fencing qualification you may already hold. If you do not hold qualifications, you will be required to register for the appropriate fencing qualification for your occupation before your cards expire in 2024.

Many IA cardholders may already hold the fencing qualification needed to move directly to a new FISS/CSCS card, while others who are now in non-construction related occupations will not require a card.

Please note: IA card holders who do not take the necessary steps to replace their cards will find they will be unable to obtain another FISS/CSCS card.

For those who hold a Blue, Gold or Black Card via IA click here and follow the initial card route which will explain how to register for your qualification. 

Do you have the right card for the job you do?  

Now is the opportunity to obtain the right card so you can continue working. If you hold a construction related IA card see here.

Any queries, please contact AFI who will be happy to assist: or 020 8253 4516. 

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