GDPR: Why you should consider certification

GDPR: Why you should consider certification

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018 was a challenge for many businesses and remains a key consideration for many organisations. CHAS, the supply chain risk management experts, highlights some of the key reasons why GDPR certification could benefit your business.

 Failing to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations can result in serious penalties and hefty fines, which can reach a maximum of £17.5 mil or 4% of annual turnover. So ensuring and demonstrating compliance can help protect your business against potential legal liabilities and reputational damage as well as prove your commitment to information security best practices.

Showcasing your GDPR compliance with an accreditation from a 3rd party can give you customers confidence in your data protection policies.

What Is GDPR Certification?

GDPR is an EU law that any business collecting or processing personal information from European Union residents must comply with. GDPR certification is a way of demonstrating this compliance.

To achieve it, you’ll need to provide evidence that your data protection and information security policies meet GDPR requirements. You’ll be required to demonstrate that your business gathers, handles and stores people’s personal data in line with the relatively recent regulation.

Does Your Business Need GDPR Certification?

When it comes to GDPR compliance, you must achieve and maintain compliance, but you don’t need certification to prove it. Under Article 42 of the GDPR, certification is voluntary.

This means GDPR certification isn’t a legal requirement. However, holding certification from a recognised and respected assessment body can help you demonstrate a commitment to information security and data protection best practices.

Reassure Customers to Secure More Work Opportunities

With a GDPR certification, your business can further establish trust with clients, customers and members of the public alike.

The General Data Protection Regulation is the strictest privacy and security law globally. By showcasing your compliance with certification, you can demonstrate that your data processing operations meet the highest standards and increase your chances of securing more business opportunities with organisations that share your commitment to information security.

 Choosing A GDPR Certification Scheme

There are a number of accredited certification bodies that can GDPR certification. However, choosing the right certification body is hugely important.

Certifications such as the European Data Protection Seal and information security ISO standards are well-respected and can help you demonstrate that you’re compliant with GDPR requirements.

Other ways to gain GDPR certification include accreditation schemes, such as CHAS Elite. As well as proving you are compliant with GDPR and information security best practices, you can demonstrate your commitment to all areas of risk management and, in doing so, unlock thousands of work opportunities.

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