HS2 Meet the Contractor 2020 events

HS2 Meet the Contractor 2020 events

HS2 Ltd will be hosting the Meet the Contractor 2020 virtually – in partnership with 6 Joint Venture Contractors. Networking will be possible and you will be able to see which other organisations have registered.

The two events being held are:

  1. A series of free to attend webinars open for all. Running from Monday 23rd November to Wednesday 25th November the webinars will give the opportunity to learn about what HS2 is doing and the overarching programme. Download the full agenda here to help plan which sessions are relevant for you.
  2. Potential suppliers can request 1-to-1 meetings with JVs as long as you deliver work outlined by the HS2 packages. These meeting will then also be held virtually. Registration for the 1-to-1 meetings closes 4th November.

Register for both events here – you will need to provide company details and the name of the representative attending. HS2 will issue all joining instructions at the start of November.