Light commercial vehicle safety

Light commercial vehicle safety

The challenge

Commercial vehicles travel billions of miles on our roads every year, transporting goods, trade professionals and service engineers around the country. They, and the roads they operate on, are vital to the economy.

Yet, every year, thousands of people who drive them are killed or injured. Thousands more, using the same roads, are killed or injured following a collision with a commercial vehicle.

The people responsible for those vehicles and drivers have to manage these risks in tandem with the ever-growing requirements for a high performing, operationally efficient and sustainable organisation.

Need advice?

AFI members can attend a free conference as part of our partnership with Driving for Better Business. This free-to-attend conference will set out to understand the root causes behind the key challenges faced by many fleet operators, and provide tools and resources to help improve safety performance and reduce collisions.

Who should attend?

The conference is intended for owners, senior managers and fleet managers from organisations operating commercial vehicle fleets of all sizes.

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