Looking out for our little hedgehog friends!

Looking out for our little hedgehog friends!

Did you do some hedgehog spotting during Hedgehog Awareness Week? Are you making sure your fences help them as much as possible?

A good way to help hedgehogs is to give them easy access for moving between locations and fences can often cause them problems, often leading them to find different routes including across roads. IF all fences had holes in we could create a hedgehog highway and keep them much safer. But we know cutting holes in fences isn’t exactly easy.

AFI members can offer solutions for this with pre cut gravel boards, allowing for hedgehog sized exit points so they can come and go easily in their journey. Contact Knight Fencing or Jackson Fencing so hedgehog friendly products and advice.

Further information on other ways to help hedgehogs from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society here.