Meet the sponsor – AJS Training

Meet the sponsor – AJS Training

The UK Fencing Awards 2023 is gaining momentum and with so many excellent entries coming in we’ll be taking you through who our sponsors are this year. We’ve got nine excellent companies committing support to the fencing industry and the skilled contractors we have.
Project of the Year Sponsor – Ajs Training

Our main sponsor for Project of the Year is Ajs Training, who the AFI have worked with so much as they have recently been approved as a main apprenticeship provider for Fencing and Highways Maintenance Skilled Operatives which is a game changer for industry and includes a great range off training courses.

Ajs Training Ltd formed in 2008 by Andy Williams who has been in the fencing industry since 1985 first as a fencer’s mate before becoming an installer and then supervisor working across the UU on many projects.

Training has always been a passion for Andy as he was an instructor and Duke of Edinburgh Assessor Co-ordinator for over 16 years with the Air Training Corps, so when the opportunity arose for him to move to the training side of the industry it was not a hard choice to make. Since Ajs was formed the industry has lent heavily on Ajs to support them with quality training that is relevant to the work, supported the industry with safe worker practices and equipment, evaluate and challenge the need for training that is excessive and non-relating to the clients needs.

That’s why there is no better person for judging with Project of the Year than Andy. He has seen and been involved in the hard work that is completed by companies in fulfilling the clients demands and design requirements.

Andy wants to see companies:

  • Define the issues they have overcome with design (something outside of the standard)
  • Develop new skills for their staff to enable the project to be completed safely
  • Highlight issues with location and the need for specialist equipment.

Andy commented that “Fencing is an industry that needs great leadership and expertise that rightly needs to be recognised for the fantastic work that is being achieved. In essence lets see why your project standouts from what could be seen as a standard installation”.

Ajs follow and practice a quotation by Benjamin Franklin “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”

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