Meet the sponsor – Durapost

Meet the sponsor – Durapost

The UK Fencing Awards 2023 is gaining momentum and with so many excellent entries coming in we’ll be taking you through who our sponsors are this year. We’ve got nine excellent companies committing support to the fencing industry and the skilled contractors we have.

Contractor of the Year: Domestic – DuraPost by Birkdale

We are company born out of the challenges John Abernethie saw as a fencing contractor himself 30 years ago, predominately focusing on the accessories. More recently we have used our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the challenges in the market to bring a steel fence post system that is stronger, tested and much easier to install than traditional methods – DuraPost®. Our route to market is usually via stockists, but recently we have become more involved with larger commercial projects where DuraPost® has been specified due to the benefits it brings.

We have been impressed by the recent changes to the AFI and can see they are really starting to create a community for fencing like never before, therefore as market leaders in this industry, we want to give back to the teams that are out there using and installing our products every day. We are looking for entrants that are wanting to change and be forward thinking about how they can be more sustainable, look after their staff (h&s conscious) and think about the long-term benefits they can offer their clients with new products that replace traditional methods.

Judging on behalf of DuraPost, Bruce Dickson, DuraPost Product Manager, has 5+ years at Birkdale and comes from a family business in fencing contracting.

Enter Domestic Contractor of the Year here or contact us for more information.

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