Meet the sponsor – Saferoad

Meet the sponsor – Saferoad

The UK Fencing Awards 2023 is gaining momentum and with so many excellent entries coming in we’ll be taking you through who our sponsors are this year. We’ve got nine excellent companies committing support to the fencing industry and the skilled contractors we have.

Contractor of the Year: Highways and railways – Saferoad

Saferoad VRS are a company specialising in the production of vehicle restraint systems and noise barrier. The company has been operating in the UK since 2008 and is part of the larger Saferoad group which has operations across Europe and beyond.

Our focus is on producing high quality low carbon products that provide value for money for the customer.

The UK operation is both material supply and contracting. Saferoad products have been installed on many major projects across the UK and Ireland from the prestigious Forth Road Bridge to a flag ship bypass in Cornwall. We have invested heavily in reducing the material content within our product range thereby achieving significant carbon savings and this continues to be our goal.

Our noise barriers are predominantly manufactured from timber grown in the UK and the system is one of the closest to net zero on the market. In addition to low carbon timber, we do offer a range of steel and aluminium products for more urban environments, all noise barriers are fully CE marked.

Our team is highly experienced each team leader has decades of knowledge backed up by all the resources of the larger Saferoad group.

Our values are – Care, making life on the road safer, Drive – a corporate desire to meet net zero and be one of the forerunners in our field, Integrity – we are professional reliable and willing to share knowledge and learning towards a safe work environment, safe journeys, and reduced carbon.

Saferoad are supporters of the UK Fencing Industry Awards and are pleased to have been asked to sponsor them. We operate in the road, rail sectors, and view it as a privilege to have been asked to help with the judging.

We strongly believe fencing contractors deserve recognition for their ingenuity and hard work as does the industry. The awards are one of the mechanisms which allows this to happen.

There are many AFI members who complete projects to outstanding levels of quality, providing excellent customer service in the process and this needs to be acknowledged.

The fencing industry is blessed with many people who are innovative and proactive. Constantly finding new and better ways of doing things. This combined with the foregoing is why Saferoad support the awards and the recognition of endeavour within our industry.

The name of the judge from Saferoad VRS Ltd, job title, experience, time with you, etc. Please also provide a headshot and advise of the reason for selecting them as a judge.

The Saferoad judge will be James Anson the general manager of the Saferoad contracting arm. In many ways he is the perfect candidate having worked in the industry from the age of 16 to present, giving him 20 years’ experience. Jim started his career as an operative learning his trade to become a lead installer and eventually advancing to the top of the contracting business. This gives him broad knowledge and understanding of what it takes to run and build a project to a high standard. He is perfectly qualified to undertake the task.