Mental Health Awareness Week (13 to 19 May)

Mental Health Awareness Week (13 to 19 May)

Mental Health Awareness Week

(13 to 19 May)

Over half of all work-related ill health is due to stress, depression or anxiety.

The HSE’s Working Minds campaign aims to raise awareness of how to promote good mental health at work.

We all have periods of good and poor health, both physically and mentally. It’s normal for people to have challenging times and like any other work-related risk to health, risks to mental health should be included in risk assessments at work.

Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health problems and whilst the causes can be due to difficult life events, they can also be caused by work-related issues, or a combination of both.

Whether work is causing the health issue or aggravating it, employers have a legal responsibility to help their employees. Make it routine to check in on how people are feeling and coping at work.

Managing mental health at work

Employers have a responsibility to identify the risks of stress and act on them to improve conditions at work. That might mean making adjustments and helping someone manage a mental health problem at work.

Find out more about the practical resources and support available:

HSE Webinar: Why measure and manage work-related stress and safety culture?

Wednesday 15 May 2024

The HSE have a new, free webinar aimed at those looking to mitigate the risk of stress and improve safety culture in their workplace.

The webinar will include:

  • what are organisations legal duties and responsibilities
  • why measure safety climate and workplace stress levels
  • how do you get senior management commitment
  • how do you manage internal communications to increase worker engagement
  • the cost and impact of doing nothing

The latest benchmarking data and case studies will be also shared. There will also be a live question and answer session at the end where you can ask our panel of experts any questions you may have.

Find out more and / or register for the webinar

AFI members also have FREE access to Perennial who can offer help and guidance on dealing with stress, anxiety and other health and wellbeing issues