Moncaster Wire thrives throughout pandemic thanks to their loyal customers and high standards

Moncaster Wire thrives throughout pandemic thanks to their loyal customers and high standards

Two years after the change in directorship from Mark Swaby to Simon McKeon, Cavatorta UK, known as Moncaster Wire Products Limited and Moncaster Wire Products Limited trading as Blackwood Wire Products Limited, have continued to thrive and grow strength by strength.

When the Global Pandemic began, there was uncertainty for many businesses throughout the world. Their continued high and steady custom enabled Cavatorta UK to persevere throughout the difficult times with a minimum of disruption to the business.

Since the beginning of the Pandemic, Cavatorta UK have gone above and beyond, to ensure they conform to the COVID Secure Workplace Measures. Management have implemented many new protocols to ensure the safety and welfare of all staff, while continuing to ensure that the customer’s needs are fulfilled.

Brexit; the topic that dominated the media for over 2 years has finally come into fruition and with it came many changes to both the UK and the EU. Cavatorta UK have successfully navigated through the new restrictions and controls with a slick set of procedures, which have enabled imports of goods from our European Factories in France, Italy and Romania into Cavatorta UK with minimal disruption.

It is fair to say that the last 12 months have been challenging for any business. Many businesses have seen redundancies, staff shortages due to the pandemic or longer lead-times due to stricter customs regulations. For Cavatorta UK, staff shortages and longer lead-times have both played a part, but the group have managed to maintain a strong footing within the industry thanks to the loyalty and adaptability of its customers.

The support shown across the UK and Europe for the Cavatorta Brand has been invaluable, and has led to Cavatorta Group’s resilience and success over the past year.

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