National Safe Digging week

National Safe Digging week

The Association of Fencing Industries is supporting Safe digging week to help minimise accidents within fencing.

A couple of weeks ago saw a fencing accident that cause a gas outage injury but not fatality for a fencing operator in Derbyshire that went viral over social media ( The AFI is pleased to offer free sign up to  to help contractors search for underground services so helping to identify the services that are underground.

This is a service that is preventative to help reduce the number of incidents that occur within the fencing industry making the industry safer for operators, clients and the general public whilst reducing the cost of unnecessary incidents for the utilities industry. Whilst it has a vast number of the major services on its system if it does not it will let you know the other services that could be in the area to give you further assistance if utilities are not on their service. It is a fairly simple service to use with excellent tutorials.

The AFI is committed to delivering excellence for all in fencing and this service should be a standard search for all contractors as a few minutes checking can help to stop this type of incident and should minimise operator risk and associated cost of a utilities strike.