New for 2023 from Blok N Mesh – LiftBlok™

New for 2023 from Blok N Mesh – LiftBlok™

First shown at last year’s Construction Week, LiftBlok™, Blok ‘N’ Mesh’s new 40kg ballast block, is now online following customer trials.

LiftBloks are concrete filled and plastic coated to provide 40kg of ballast with minimal risk of breakage. Integral carry handles enable the block to be easily hand-lifted and positioned by two persons.

The blocks are stackable and compatible with Blok ‘N’ Mesh’s bracing options.

During a recent video shoot, Blok ‘N’ Mesh’s Head of Marketing, Mark Rasmussen noted “I was impressed with how quick and easy it was for the team to place and stack 160kg of ballast (four x 40kg blocks) by hand in less than a minute!”

A video clip of the above has been posted to YouTube

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