New member benefit – Protect your business today

New member benefit – Protect your business today

The AFI have joined with BEB to offer members access to discounted assistance with contracts. BEB are passionate about protecting businesses with robust contracts – typically terms & conditions, sub-contractor agreements, shareholder agreements, GDPR policies, supplier agreements, and much more.

Businesses can often have no written agreements at all, or they’ve found a template online or copied a competitor’s documents.  However, this is very risky and can prove costly if there’s a dispute. Smaller businesses are often the least well protected and find themselves writing off debts unnecessarily.

Having a bespoke contract is the best way to fully protect your business.  This offers:

  • Protection:  It’s what you’ll need to fall back on in a dispute.  BEB can help you identify weaknesses in your business when drafting T&Cs – like a gap-analysis. They’ll discuss how you work, how you want to work and any problems you’ve encountered in the past – then help to plug the gaps.
  •  Legality:  Terms not only protect the business; they also protect the customer. BEB explain in practical terms how relevant laws apply to you.
  • Promotion:  A well-written contract makes your company look bigger and more professional, which will help you get a foot in the door if you want to work with larger businesses.

What’s more, are you signing contracts that you don’t fully understand?  BEB can offer an affordable contract review service where they’ll summarise the critical points you need to know and give you a list of the clauses they would recommend you renegotiate.  If you get asked to enter into JCT or other construction-specific contracts, they have an online JCT training course.  BEB explain what to look out for in these, as the risks involved can be huge.

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