The AFI and Gate Safe – working together to improve gate safety

The AFI and Gate Safe – working together to improve gate safety

Watch the rot

AFI members know that when wooden posts are used to hang gates, it is important to regularly check their condition as part of the maintenance schedule. Overlooking this important structural requirement can result in a catastrophic failure and a potentially serious accident.

Gate Safe recommend a quick and easy way to check for rot is to use a sharp pointed knife. Push the knife into the post at ground level, and if it stays there and grips the blade when you pull it out, then the post is sound. However, if the blade falls out, then the post is possibly rotten, and further investigations should be carried out.

The same test can also be applied to wooden gate leaves – the condition of the wood is especially important near joints, hinge bands etc.

Remember that anyone involved in servicing and maintenance has a responsibility to leave the gate system in a safe condition. This isn’t just associated with mitigating impact and crushing risks arising from the automation, but also relates to the structural integrity of the gate supports and overall installation.

We’re working with Gate Safe to improve safety in gate installation as many AFI members work with fences and gates.

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