The Fencing Apprenticeship

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The Fencing Apprenticeship

The AFI are pleased to announce that AJS Training are now registered to provide the apprenticeship for all in the fencing industry. This means that any employees or young people wanting to enter the industry now have a route to qualification and recognition of the great sector we are within construction.

Please also be aware that the apprenticeship is also to upskill your current workforce supporting companies to train the labourers into skilled qualified fencers

Pete Clark CEO of the AFI said “I have been working with many companies within fencing to find a complete route for the delivery of this important qualification since taking over 12 months ago. I realised within months of being appointed that the apprenticeship was running, but we did not have the finance or the route to fulfil it at company level.

This has taken too long to achieve but dealing with the bureaucracy of government is a slow process and I have pushed every step of the way to achieve the inclusion of AJS Training so that we have delivery for the young people entering the industry to be recognised and qualified. This is another leap forward so recognising the industry as a professional sector with the AFI delivering for all in the fencing industry and its members.”

Andy Williams at AJS commented “I would like to thank the AFI for their support as we have been working to get the apprenticeships deliverable to the industry for many years, and the work we have done was crucial to being able to get this available to all.

AJS Training have written two apprenticeship training pathways to link to the two types of FISS/CSCS cards – VRS and General Fencing.

We will be restricting our numbers at the start to ensure we do everything correct. Hopefully the industry will understand this, but if anyone wishes to send an enquiry to find out a little more, please feel free to contact us on

AJS Training are looking forward to supporting our fencing industry with the apprenticeships.


For further information on the fencing apprenticeship see: