The fencing installer apprenticeship is ready to start welcoming sign ups

The fencing installer apprenticeship is ready to start welcoming sign ups

After a lengthy delay we are pleased to announce that you can now start signing up fencing installer apprentices! AJS Training have partnered with Chichester College and will be ready to start welcoming fencing apprentices to for September 2021. Making the apprenticeship easier to work through and open to all employers across England, this new offering will be developed predominantly online with tools available to support the employer and apprentice.

Chichester College can help employers source a fencing apprentice and ensure they have the appropriate Level 1 qualifications to begin. Funding is available and incentives available for any taken on by October 2021.

Once completed, the apprentice can apply for their blue FISS/CSCS card – but the apprenticeship includes additional training such as manual handling, abrasive wheels and CAT/GENNY training meaning they have more qualifications to start with. The high level of training included means this can be used for upskilling exiting workers too, giving them qualifications and an increase to become a skilled installer. In 2024 industry accreditation will expire so starting now gives those workers enough time to complete the apprenticeship.

This new standard apprenticeship was developed by employers including numerous AFI members to ensure it is fit for purpose. Employer led development means you will get out of it what you want your employee to achieve – skills, knowledge, behaviours and transferable skills. All areas of fencing – general, perimeter security, VRS and gates/doors/barriers are included so an employee looking to work on these or already doing so is suitable. AJS Training and Chichester College can give you a full road map of the learning journey and regular reviews help keep it on track.

AJS Training, run by Andy Williams, has extensive experience in all sectors of fencing and has been training in our industry for over 30 years. Although AJS Training have always had online facilities, they have really ramped this up following the impact of Covid-19 reduce the time apprentices are away from work which has always been an issue for employers in regard to off the job training.

The fencing installer apprenticeship must have 20% ‘off the job training’ but this can be done on site or remotely with all work evidenced and documented to support the learner at the end of the apprenticeship. Apprentices do not have to leave their work place and do not need to travel to training centres so there will be no disruption to their work. AJS training can also visit the apprentice on site for the majority of training and any assessments that do need a face to face meeting. Group training can even be arranged at an employers premises.

At the end of the apprenticeship an end point assessment is conducted which looks at the evidence of work portfolio they have been building. Throughout the apprenticeship AJS Training assist with the portfolio helping them upload photos, videos and statements electronically and as each aspect is completed.

As an employer you need to be supportive of your apprentice, helping them learn and completed training. At the end of the apprenticeship you’ll be required to provide a witness statement and the time for a workplace observation. You’ll then be rewarded with a qualified fencing installer, trained to the highest standard and ready to progress in the fencing industry.

For all details on the apprenticeship and how to get started contact AJS Training directly who can talk you through the full process.