UK Fencing Industry Insights Report

UK Fencing Industry Insights Report


Siddall & Hilton, presents its third UK Fencing Industry Insights Report. This report offers comprehensive analysis of the fencing industry’s market trends, economic indicators, and their impacts. Key findings include:

  • October 2023 PMI signals challenges for the construction industry, with the second-lowest reading since May 2020.
  • Steel, a dominant fencing raw material, faces price volatility due to factors like raw material costs, supply and demand dynamics, rising energy costs, trade policies, inventory destocking, and environmental regulations.
  • Q3 2023 GDP remained static, with implications for the fencing market, particularly in real estate and transportation sectors.
  • Monthly construction output decreased by 0.5% in August 2023, following a 0.4% decrease in July 2023.

The full report is available here.


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