How the AFI are still working

How the AFI are still working

Although we can’t get out to physical meetings, the AFI are continuing to work on existing issues remotely and planned meetings are now via video call. We are still working on NHSS issues with general fencing, VRS temporary systems and environmental noise barriers with Lantra, CSCS and Highways England.

In the current Covid-19 situation, although FISS/CSCS card renewal restrictions have been relaxed we are continuing to monitor this and have requested a statement confirming support from major contractors for expired card holders to still be able to access sites. if you are having issues or are concerned please contact us.

We realise how essential remote training will be during this time and we are working with training providers who are currently trailing software to complete this via video link.

We are available for any queries on card expiry, training issues and support with accessing financial assistance.